Stainless Steel Sheet Polishing Services for Freedom Tower

Polishing of a Stainless Steel Sheet

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Polishing of a Stainless Steel Sheet

At Williams Metalfinishing we are proud to be associated with one of the nation’s most prestigious construction projects: the Freedom Tower at the World Trade Center site. This building is being built to be as architecturally stunning on the inside as it is on the outside. We were approached by the architects to provide them with polished stainless steel sheets. These sheets would be used in the highly aesthetic lavatories in the building and make up the walls and the fixtures.

Utilizing our steel polishing equipment, we polished 304 stainless steel sheets to a #6 brushed finish. Each sheet weighed 80 lb and measured 96″ long, 48″ wide and 16 ga thick. As construction was progressing, we were tasked with a very short turnaround time. We completed the 250 sheets in 1 week and delivered them to the construction site, fully meeting the customer’s requirements.

We are proud to have been a part of this Freedom Tower project. To learn more about our stainless steel sheet polishing capabilities, please feel free to contact us or see the table below.

Highlights of this Stainless Steel Sheet Polishing Project

Product Description These steel sheets are used for highly aesthetic lavatory walls and fixtures.
Stainless Steel Sheet Polishing Capabilities Applied/Processes Primary:
  • Stainless Steel Polishing
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Sheet Polishing Machine
Overall Part Dimensions
  • Length: 96"
  • Width: 48"
  • Thickness: 16ga
  • Weight: 80 lbs./sheet
Material Used 304 Stainless Steel
Material Finish #6 Brushed
In process testing/inspection performed Visual & Quality Inspection
Industry for Use Architectural
Volume 250
Delivery/Turnaround Time 1 Week
Delivery Location New York, NY
Standards Met Customer Specifications
Product Name Stainless Steel Sheet